Mohair Thingie #3

March 18, 2009

Materials: laceweight mohair/silk yarn, laceweight baby alpaca yarn, polyester fiberfill

Dimensions: 5″ h x 1.75″ w

not for sale

I need to aim for less pretty, more strange. I took a lot of photos yesterday for inspiration, among them these:


Mohair Thingies

March 15, 2009

Materials: laceweight mohair/silk yarn, glass beads, polyester fiberfill

Dimensions: 4.5″ h x 1.75″ w (beaded thingie); 3.5″ h x 2″ w (pink thingie)

not for sale

These are prototypes for an installation I’m envisioning. There’d be lots of them, in different sizes, hanging by threads from a gallery ceiling. Viewers could walk among them. Kind of like a room of hanging orchids at a botanic garden.

For the knitters among you: The yarn is Habu Kusa, which is 60% mohair, 40% silk. They were knit on dpns ranging in size from US0/2.00mm to US2/2.75mm.

How Long Did It Take You to Make That?

In progress–begun February 21, 2009; this photo shows the piece as of Day 16, March 8, 2009

Materials: laceweight wool yarn

not for sale

The answer as of today is 80 minutes.

I am changing the needle size once a week, which affects the tension and appearance of the fabric. In this way, the piece will have an indication within it of the passing of time.

How Long Did It Take You to Make That?

In progress–begun February 21, 2009

Materials: laceweight wool yarn

not for sale

This is an ongoing artwork addressing the question I’ve been asked so often about my artwork and/or knitting: “How long did it take you to make that?” I never have a good answer to this question. For one thing, I don’t punch a timeclock when I’m in my studio. And sometimes I drift back and forth from one piece to another. Then there are the aspects of artmaking that are hard to quantify: Does the tossing and turning with insomnia at 3 am while you mentally work out the next step in a piece count as time spent making it? Do the three failures that you never show, which came before a successful piece that you do show, count as part of the time that went into the successful piece?

Now, for one artwork anyway, I will have an answer to the question! I will knit on this piece for exactly five minutes each day, and keep a record of the days/minutes. It will be an ongoing piece; I’m not sure when, if ever, it will be done. But I will always be able to say how long I’ve spent making it.

These photos show the results of Day 1, February 21, 2009. I cast on 52 stitches (because I am 52 years old) and knit in garter stitch for five minutes.

I have about 2,400 yards of this laceweight wool; it should last me a good long while.

In the White of the Year

January 22, 2009

wool/silk lace, acrylic, pencil, and copper tacks on canvas


canvas size: 5 inches wide x 4 inches high


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For this piece I paired Rosebud Mesh, from Barbara Walker’s A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, with the colors of willow trees when they first put out their leaves in spring. It’s based on a poem by Emily Dickinson:

This was in the White of the Year –
That – was in the Green –
Drifts were as difficult then to think
As Daisies now to be seen –

Looking back is best that is left
Or if it be – before –
Retrospection is Prospect’s half,
Sometimes, almost more.