How Long Did It Take You to Make That?, Finished

March 10, 2010

How Long Did It Take You to Make That?, which I began on February 21, 2009, is finished. I stopped working on it in October, and can’t remember when exactly I bound off. The fabric measures about 6 1/2 inches by 64 inches, spread out.

This artwork addressed the question I’ve been asked so often about my artwork and/or knitting: How long did it take you to make that?

I worked on this piece for five minutes a day, a total of 194 days, or 970 minutes, or a little over 16 hours.

Once a week I changed the needle size, which altered the tension and width of the fabric. Thus, the piece contains within it a visual indication of the passing of time.

I threaded the fabric on a dowel rod and hung it above my bed, along with a grey cotton crochet motif. I’m not sure if the crochet motif is part of the piece or not. (If it is, then add more time to the total, a half hour or so.)

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