Cloud Frock

June 14, 2009

Cloud Frock


wool yarn and repurposed cloud drawing (pencil, colored pencil, and white ink on paper)

8 1/2 inches h x 7 inches w

not for sale

I’ve never known what to do with unsold, failed, unfinished, or never-shown artworks. Pieces I like I hang around my home or I give to friends.  And every now and then I have a studio sale. But as I age, more and more “failed” artworks are taking up space in closets and portfolios. Pieces I never finished, for one reason or another. Pieces I deemed not quite good enough to include in a show. Pieces that I did show, but don’t like anymore.

My current solution for these kinds of artworks is to tear them up and repurpose. For this knitted drawing, Cloud Frock, I tore and cut up an old drawing of a cloud. I think it dates from 2002 and was one of the drawings I decided not to include in a solo show that year at the Center for the Arts in Northampton.

I pierced the drawing fragments with an awl, then worked them into the knitted fabric as if they were beads.


3 Responses to “Cloud Frock”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Hmmmm…and the lesson I’m learning from this post is that I need to just start doing instead of always being so afraid of failing. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Cindy Says:

    Oh this is one of my favorite of the knit art pieces yet. I really like the contrast in textures, and between the rounded shape of the knitting and the crisper rectangles of the paper.

  3. periwinklesheep Says:

    Oh, my. I had no idea.

    I Love it.

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