Thrifty Ponderings

May 29, 2009

I’ve been thinking about ways to reuse works from the “back catalog” – drawings and paintings that were rejected, or were never finished, or were shown but not sold, or were deemed (by me) not good enough to show. Might they be resurrected, given new life?

These are fragments of a mixed-media collage that I made a year ago and entered, along with a second collage, in a local show. Both were rejected. Looking at this one a year later, I can see why. It was not one of my best works–it had too many muddy/murky/overworked areas and the overall composition was clunky. It just didn’t sing.

I have an idea for bringing these fragments together in a new configuration, which I’ll get started on as soon as I finish another piece that’s in progress. For the moment, I’ve arranged them on an old drawing board, the better to ponder them.

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