Mohair Thingies

March 15, 2009

Materials: laceweight mohair/silk yarn, glass beads, polyester fiberfill

Dimensions: 4.5″ h x 1.75″ w (beaded thingie); 3.5″ h x 2″ w (pink thingie)

not for sale

These are prototypes for an installation I’m envisioning. There’d be lots of them, in different sizes, hanging by threads from a gallery ceiling. Viewers could walk among them. Kind of like a room of hanging orchids at a botanic garden.

For the knitters among you: The yarn is Habu Kusa, which is 60% mohair, 40% silk. They were knit on dpns ranging in size from US0/2.00mm to US2/2.75mm.

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