How Long Did It Take You to Make That?, Day 1

February 21, 2009

How Long Did It Take You to Make That?

In progress–begun February 21, 2009

Materials: laceweight wool yarn

not for sale

This is an ongoing artwork addressing the question I’ve been asked so often about my artwork and/or knitting: “How long did it take you to make that?” I never have a good answer to this question. For one thing, I don’t punch a timeclock when I’m in my studio. And sometimes I drift back and forth from one piece to another. Then there are the aspects of artmaking that are hard to quantify: Does the tossing and turning with insomnia at 3 am while you mentally work out the next step in a piece count as time spent making it? Do the three failures that you never show, which came before a successful piece that you do show, count as part of the time that went into the successful piece?

Now, for one artwork anyway, I will have an answer to the question! I will knit on this piece for exactly five minutes each day, and keep a record of the days/minutes. It will be an ongoing piece; I’m not sure when, if ever, it will be done. But I will always be able to say how long I’ve spent making it.

These photos show the results of Day 1, February 21, 2009. I cast on 52 stitches (because I am 52 years old) and knit in garter stitch for five minutes.

I have about 2,400 yards of this laceweight wool; it should last me a good long while.


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  1. joetta Says:

    what a wonderful idea and project:)

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