Yellow Divide

January 7, 2009

watercolor, pencil, colored pencil, and ink on paper


image size: 6 inches wide x 4 inches high


The first piece I made and posted this year–To Airy Nothing–was a throwback to a series of “birds and poetry” collages that I began in 2005 and continued to develop into 2008. I like working in series, but there always comes a time when the problems have been solved and my interest fades. I think the “birds and poetry” series may have reached that point. The path feels too familiar and predictable.

I’ve gone in a slightly different direction with the drawing I’m posting today. This one is more abstract–I made no effort to tie the visual elements to a theme. Also–are you sitting down?–I did not begin this piece with a grid. The first “event” was the yellow watercolor streak that bisects the image area.

You can see that I thrive on repetition (probably one big reason I love knitting).


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  1. karin Says:

    I {heart} your art!

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